It’s Monday, do you know how your sump is doing?

It’s Monday, do you know how your sump is doing?

During the winter we’ve given you some tips to keep your home protected. As we slowly but surely transition into springtime here in Chicagoland it’s time for another friendly reminder from Castle Home Inspection: check on your sump pumps.

We are heading into a very water-heavy time of year with the combination of springtime rainstorms and melting snow from winter. As all of that water makes its way into the water table, depending on how your home is, there is a chance for your sump pump to be working on overdrive as it clears the water from around your foundation.

Most sump systems have a simple way to test they are functioning as intended. Some sump pumps are equipped with two plugs where the second plug is inserted into the first (the one that goes into the outlet). In this double plug configuration the float powers the pump motor when the water level reaches a certain threshold. To test, unplug and separate the power cables and plug in the pump directly. This should cause your pump to activated and discharge water. If nothing happens you’ve got a problem! Other sumps have a float that you can reach and manually lift to activate the pump. If you lift the float and nothing happens you’ve got a problem! Be sure to check the user manual for specific pump instructions, use caution, and follow safety protocols as instructed by your user manual. When in doubt, reach out to a contractor for help.

Even though during an inspection with Castle Home Inspection our inspectors will check to ensure your sump is functional, checking on your sump pump is a great habit to get into as a homeowner as sump failures are a major cause of basement flooding. Mechanical components unfortunately can fail at any time. To help safeguard your sump you can install a battery backup system, a high water level alarm system, or even add a second backup pump.

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