A Great Inspection Experience For Buyers

Purchasing a home can be a highly stressful experience. One of the many goals of a home inspection is to alleviate that stress by providing you with important information about the property. Here are some quick tips that will help you get the most out of your inspection process. 

Always Read Your Full Report
After an inspection, your inspector will provide you with a very detailed written report. Inside this report are noted defects and issues found during the inspection. It is important to read the inspection report in full as it may contain additional information or more detailed information regarding issues discovered by your inspector. Often more concerning issues are highlighted via photograph. Additionally, your inspector may also make recommendations that call for a contractor to evaluate a discovered defect further before closing on the home. Look over the report with your real estate agent and allow them to assist you in determining what remediations you might want to negotiate. Always feel welcome to reach out to your inspector for more information should you have any additional questions. 

Plan To Attend The Inspection
While it is not required to be present during your home inspection, it is a good idea and strongly recommended. Being on-site during the inspection provides you an opportunity to explore the home further. It also allows time to ask questions and observe defects in person that your inspector may call out. If you can’t attend your inspection in person, be sure to read the report in its entirety and reach out to your inspector should you need clarification. 

Ask Questions
An inspector only has a limited time to evaluate many components of a home. While it is important not to distract your inspector during the inspection, it is a great idea to take notes about anything you may want to ask. After the home inspection is complete, there will be time set aside for the inspector to discuss some of their findings and allow you an opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. The inspector may also bring you to the location of specific defects that they may want you to see. 

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